Sustainable aquaculture


Sustainable aquaculture is farming products in ways that consider the well-being of harvested populations as well as the planet’s health and ecological preservation. At I.D.I, we have embraced a belief that by farming the Mekong delta region we can sustainably produce healthy, nutritious and affordable food for society at large. Our harmonious co-existence with the environment is essential to realize that belief and to share the blessings of nature with future generations.


How do we do it?

We listen

We treasure every chance to listen to our customers and consumers, to understand their concerns, to address critical issues and establish new ideas. Understanding our customers’ interests will help us develop our strategy and better respond to society’s needs.

We ask

We constantly participate in open discussions with our suppliers, and through education, learn of new ways to maintain and improve sustainable harvesting techniques. Our expectations are verified by teams of dedicated employees who frequently travel to visit suppliers in person to assess their operations and insure they are in compliance with our objectives.

We innovate

We believe that investment in research and development of new knowledge is the key to sustainable increase in aquaculture production. At I.D.I we utilize our highly integrated value chain, empowered by new and emerging technologies, to strive for continual improvement in everything. I.D.I’s goal is to possess full internal control from our own hatchery, feed, farming operations to harvesting and processing. This gives us extraordinary nopportunities that each division alone is unlikely to have. We collect data, experiences and production practices from around the world, to allow us to innovate with a higher level of precision than our competitors and put us at the forefront of the seafood industry.