People are the essence of our company. Our employees take great pride in driving change and seeking advancement in all aspects of business. From farming to sales and marketing, we can only reach I.D.I’s goal of a sustainable future with the help of committed, ambitious and forward-thinking individuals.


Reliability Innovation Stewardship

RELIABILITY - For customers, I.D.I continually improves the quality of products, offering solutions which meet the needs and expectations of customers in the most difficult situations. Internally, I.D.I is committed to building a healthily competitive working environment, bringing into full potential of each employee as well as creating the closest bond between individuals and the company.

II.D.IOVATION - Becoming fully aware that creativity and continual iI.D.Iovation is the foundation to boost the company’s competitive advantage & build a sustainable business, I.D.I teams have always been implementing new ideas. This helps the company generate demands and stay ahead of its competitors.

STEWARDSHIP - I.D.I practices leading through stewardship, considering stewardship its core value to develop its human resources. At I.D.I, every employee plays a key role in the success of the whole company. Therefore, I.D.I creates an open and dynamic working environment, where each individual’s capacity is recognized and their full potential is brought into full play.


Why should you join us?


Health Insurance

Your well-being matters. You'll get health insurance that covers most of your needs.


Regular Reviews

Two-ways performance reviews, to make a balance and measure evolution together.


Office on a great location

Our beautiful office is right in the heart of District 5

Ho Chi Minh City, surrounded by hidden-gem restaurants, wellness centers, international schools and wonderful shopping boutiques.

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Want to Know More About the Team?
Want to Know More About the Team?