Quanlity management

For production management and quality control, we ‘IDI’ Fish Processing Plant, make sure all reasonable precautions to be taken to prevent a hazard from reaching users. In concrete, we apply the Hazard Analysis Crititcal Control Point system (HCCP), which referred to as CODE ‘DL-479’ certified by the Quality Assurance Department for Agriculture and Forestry and Fishery (NAFIQAD) for standard export commodity. This has been also recognized by EU standards. Others, the quality management system such as ISO 9001:2008, British Retailer Consortium (BRC), IFS Food Standard, HALAL Foods, GLOBAL GAP, ISO 17025:2005 (VILAS 443), etc. 


Our plant equipped with production lines of advanced technological equipment from America, Japan and Europe to ensure an eligibility to produce the best quality.


The teamwork of being active, skillful, motivate and creative is well trained of relevant regulations and pratices, such as Good Manufacturing pratice (GMP), Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP). And more, they are regular to be trained by our associated organizations like VASEP (Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers), NAFIQAD to improve their professional skils.


To ensure a hygienic environment standard in the processing, we regularily take a measure of ground clearance after each shift of production, including chemical components from European standards    



Tracing issue in a production and processing chain plays an important role in our production assurance and quality management system. It is to ensure 4-steps as below:



1. Raw material

To separate each of material input when put into production, identified by different tags attached on, subject to each corresponded farmer.


All batches of material, when put into production have been identified through the source symbols attached to each batch of material. Each lot of raw materials in production are separated to avoid confusion between the different providers.


All lots must be tested materials banned before processing begins. If the results are not prohibited antibiotics are receiving new material and put into production.


All batch chemical additives are tested periodically banned the use of antibiotics to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination during the manufacturing process, thereby ensuring the supply of raw materials is always satisfactory.


2. Producing

During the manufacturing process, the Company sets up a journal to monitor details of stages of each batch of raw material through templates and size tags. Size tags are designed with full information, they can be accessed to know original batch of raw material that is being manufactured.


Before manufacturing, the Company’s laboratory also progresses to test microbiological semi-products at production lines for each day.



3. Packing

At packing stage, it is also set up an access code at the bottom of cartons. Access code includes batch of raw material information, the date of year, and the year of manufacturing; QC inspection codes, chemical used codes and shift codes. Access code is printed in accordance with batch of material from receiving raw material stage to finished products.


Before exporting, the finished products are double-checked microbial and chemistry by state agencies. In addition, the finished products are arranged follow the storage map in order to ensure the convenient identification and access.


4. Exporting

Once the products are exported, the buyers are provided the list of products, including the production date list of the exporting consignments.


The mission to bring the flavor of the Mekong River Delta to the world and the environmental policy to protect source water for life, IDI Corporation is committed to manufacture quality product and ensure the natural flavor of fish to be retained. IDI Corp constantly maintains and continually improves the quality management system and food safety as well as environmental protection in accordance with international standards. Currently, the products of IDI Corp are allowed in most markets around the world (including the EU, Ukraine, USA, and Brazil).


IDI Corp is certificated with:






BRC: Intertek





IFS: Intertek




ISO 9001: 2008




ISO 17025: 2005 (Vilas 443)




Global G.A.P: Intertek








HALAL: Islamic Community




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