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IDI’s factory is located in a very convenient location for both road and waterway transport. The modern technology lines, production lines and freezing equipment combine with the management systems, people, organizing to manufacture, and applying quality management programs in accordance with the safety standards of food sanitation in Vietnam and international. Based on the advantages above (therefore), IDI Corp guarantees to provide the highest quality, and selection of the products at fair and reasonable prices on the global market or even in the most demanding markets.



The factory is located in the center area of raw material; hence the fish resources are always profuse. The factory is also located in the center area of human resources; especially the human resources in Tra fish processing industry are profuse and the Corporation has more opportunities to accept skilled workers. Additionally, the factory is placed in IDI’s own industrial park; hence that is easy to expand production when demand is growth.



About the organization of space in the factory, the production line is logical and scientific. From the transportation of raw material to organization processing line, the path of semi-finished products, the layout of the auxiliary function rooms, and the layout of function buildings help the management simple and reduce costs significantly. The organization of outside the production zone is also very neat, clean, aesthetic, and friendly with environment; therefore the visitors and customers feel safe and comfortable in the first step to the factory.



The freezing and processing equipmentare currently the most modern. They are brand new 100%, and mostly imported from Japan, Europe, and the U.S; hence these modern equipment ensure the production operations are stable, the products are manufactured with high quality; allow the factory to be semiautomatic and automate most production operations.



Additionally, 100% the workers of the factory at important stages are skilled workers and attracted from other factories. More than 80% of managers including directors and staffs have many years of working experience in other factories. Thus, IDI Corp ensures the production process to be well managed and the products have reasonable prices.



By the end of 2010, the factory No.1 has completed 100% and operational capacity can reach up to 600 tons of raw material/day. The Company has completed several primary investment articles of factory as follow:


- The factory No.1 owns approximately 15,000 m2 and can satisfy maximum processing capacity of 600 tons of raw material/day.

- The freezing equipment system, tools and processing equipment can satisfy maximum capacity of 600 tons of raw material/day.



- The cold storage capacity can satisfy 4,600 tons of finished products.


- The water treatment and water supply systemsachieve European standard. The water treatment capacity reaches 240m3of water/h.

- The wastewater treatment system achieves A water standard, and can be discharged into the environment as well as regulations of Vietnam. The water treatment capacity reaches 240m3of water/h.

H- The power supply system, and electrical power stationreach3,750 KVA and the standby generator reaches 3,250 KVA.

- The fish scale station with 2 electronic scale tablescan be elf-recording, and each electronic scale table can weigh 10 tons.

- The cafeteria for staffs and workers can accommodate 3,000 people.



- The mechanical repair workshop.

- The laboratory center.



- The landscape and tree systems.

- The transport team truck (including raw material and cold finished products transportation to export ports).



- The head office is being used.

- The second power station with capacity of 3,750 KVA was built. Additionally, the Company also completed the worker garage, the fresh water tank of 500m3, and centrifugal wastewater tank and the remaining embankment next to the Lap Vo River...



Until now, IDI Corporation has basically completed facilities, technical equipment, and manufacturing tools, which help IDI Corporation to have the best production operations.

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