Pangasius/ whole

1. Specs: Whole fish, skinless or on, headless or on. If headless, V-shape cutting, viscera off, fins of pectoral or pelvic or dorsal or dorsal underneath or caudal on/off.  


2. Colors: any


3. Sizes: 600-800g/ 800-1000g/ 1000g up


4. Treatment: Not applied    


5. IQF freezing and glazing:

IQF glazing 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%


6. Packaging:

Bulk/cartons (5 - 10kgs/carton)

Plain PE bags/rider IWP/IVP


Pangasius/ whole:

skin on, head off straight-line, viscera off, fins off, size 800g-1000g


IQF Pangasius/ whole:

skinless, head off straight-line, viscera off, size 800g-1000g


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