Pangasius fillets/ untrimmed & red meat

1. Specs: skinless, boneless, redmeat on/off, belly on, fat on/off, trimmed round up the outer of fillet slices


2. Colors: any


3. Sizes: to be classified subject to a variety of range of fillet sliced;

                        6-8 oz/ 10-12 oz/ 12up oz

                        5-7 oz/ 7-9 oz/ 9-11 oz/ 11 up oz

                        120-170g/ 170-220g/ 220-280g/ 280g up


4. Treatment: pursuing on fillet yields and quality of tasty, tendered, delicate texture and particularly in cold storage for longest shelf life. The implications of chemical use and its appropriate extent rendered the client's requirements in terms of recommeded codes of practice and handling operations are applied worldwide and homeland.    


5. IQF freezing and glazing:

-IQF glazing 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%; block interleaved 3 -5kgs

- Blocks interleaved: 3kgs or 5kgs/block with glazed 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%


6. Packaging:

Bulk/cartons (10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs or 5kgs, 7kgs, 10kgs, 20kgs); or

Plain PE bags/rider IWP/IVP (1lb, 2lbs, 2.5lbs or 1,000g, 1,500g, 2,500g, 3,000g)


Non-frozen Pangasius fillets:


red meat, fat on, belly flap on, sizes 170g-220g, w/o stpp treated


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