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As this category is first-ever emerging industry in regard to a conventional fats and oils of plant derived. So we enhance a proposal to scouting for a strategic co-investing partner to venture with us! Thank you.


Context of the project:

As IDI's group of companies is well established in the fish processing industry in Vietnam and holds a strong track record identifying and developing new value adding commercial activities and establishing innovative processing plants within the fish processing and product value chain.


Through intensive market research activities the demand for edible fish oil products has been identified as a new market opportunity. Market demand has confirmed the interest for the products.


R&D activities have resulted in an innovative and highly efficient production process, as well as for a guaranteed high quality end-product. The future production process of edible fish oil products is complementing existing processing activities and allows to create synergies between the new and existing processing processes. In addition, the finished products would benefit from existing commercial activities and infrastructure of the group of companies.


A finnacial evaluation has confirmed the profitability of the new venture.


As part of the new business development strategy of IDI, preference is given to establishing the production facility in co-operation with a strategic finnancial partner, which would, besides participating fainnacially into the project, being able to contribute to the developemnt of the commercial environment of the facility. Strategic contributions that could be considered are within the value chain and could include a distribution network, a sales network, an expport network, raw material supplies, R&D activities, or product developemnt etc.


An introduction to the new products:

Fish oil encapsulation packed in softgels or capsules, a well-known pharmaceutical product over the world deriving from deep-sea fish, such as salmon, anchovy, tuna, herrings etc. that proven essential to the normal development and health of the renal and cerebral functions for human beings. Nevertheless, apart from some advances in reality, it is not rather enough to the needs of consumers.


While, Vietnam is endowed with an abundant substituent that suppose it were to be exploited by means of far-reaching solution it comes out an unpredictable result. That is the very kind of fish oil, Pangasius derived.


To this, the yield of the raw fish is nearly a million tons per year, and the yield of crude fish oil derived after processing attains 140 tons. The fat contents in it have no harmful cholesterol but healthy factors, such as MUFA's & PUFA's being over 70% of oil properties, and in particular, EPA & DHA, over 0.4 %. These are shown to have multiple health benefits in this oil but nevertheless detected in other plant derived oils. 


As many as consumers over the world have the trend to crave more in terms of food quality aspects, which are of flexible variety, bold flavors and healthy menu offerings, especially among the developing countries like Vietnam. That is fats and oils of this kind in their diets.


Our goal is to transform the crude fish oil properties into healthier products of  food grade, lowering the saturated fat contents, impurities, while preserving the fine functional characteristics. And this is a key pursuing by IDI in this project within the value chain of fish processing. In addition, for quality assurance, the need for highly advanced tech of machinery to assure of the evolving traits but odorless, colorless, viscoelastic properties is spotlight.


For above reason, IDI entrusted Desmet technology based in Belgium on research to make advancements for an emerging generation of fats and oils industry, which so-called 'caches in diets'. As a result, the oil properties proved to be improved, developed and oxidative stability compared to previous ones.


Our plant facility is designated into two phases with its envisaged capacity is 200TPD. The first phase planned to be 100TPD and launched in July 2013. The end products are liquid state(RBD Olein), solid state (RBD Stearin), and the rest of fatty acids distilled.


The liquid to be bottled for either retail sales or unbottled as pure ingredient for further development of food products.The solid commonly in forms of magarine, shortening, for instant noodles, bakery products, and other applications.


For further enquiries regarding this category of fats & oils, please contact our sales executives below:





 Hong, Kim Nguyen

 Assistant Sales Manager of AIM

 Cell: 0937623219



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